3 DIY Projects To Improve Your Pool Area And Get More Enjoyment Out Of Your Investment

If you have a pool for your home, it is a place where you can relax and enjoy a little outdoor recreation without leaving your home. You may also want to get more use out of your pool. There are many DIY projects that you can do to get more enjoyment out of any pool, such as building your own floating drink table, polo nets or your very own solar water heater. If you want to get more enjoyment out of your pool, here are three awesome DIY projects that you may want to try:

1. Build Your Own Floating Bar Or Drink Shelf

You may want to have a bar and seating in your pool, which is something that you can easily build with PVC pipes and floating swimming noodles. You will want to make a frame with the pipes and put the noodles around them. Use a plastic glass for the shelving on top by cutting it a little wider than the noodles. You can make this any shape and style you want. If the table does not float evenly, just add sand to the bottom pipes to get it to float level in the water.

2. Heat Your Pool With A Simple Solar Heater

Solar heaters are another project that you can do to get more enjoyment out of your pool. This can be done with simple black irrigation hose that you can get from any hardware store. Use a hose that is flexible. Cut sheets of plywood in halves, and then make a spiral on them with the hose. You will want to paint the plywood black before doing this, and use hose mounting brackets to hold the hose to the wood. Connect the panels to the outlet of your pool pump using pool plumbing connections and adapters.  You will want to locate the panel in a sunny area so that it collects heat from the sun.

3. Create Your Own Waterfalls And Features 

You can also create your own water features for your pool. Use a two-way valve from the outlet of the pool pump, which will go to the water feature. This will allow you to control the flow of the water to the pool or water features. You can get different types of valves from your pool supply store to create different designs. Build the water feature using synthetic rocks and rubber membranes, and connect it to your pool. You will first want to decide where to locate the feature, and then prep the ground to add the rubber liner. Once you have the liner, you can add rocks to it to give it a more natural look. This works best in areas where there is a high elevation for water to run down.

These are some great DIY projects that you can do for your pool. If you need the materials or help with your pool, contact a pool renovation service to see how they can help you complete some of these projects for your pool area.