Top Tips For Keeping Pool Water Warmer

As a homeowner it is hard to keep your pool cranked up to the highest temperature setting all year long, unless you're living on the budget of a Hollywood star. And while keeping your pool on a higher temperature setting isn't the most economic choice to make, no one wants to face a cold, uninviting pool when they feel like taking a dip.

Luckily, there are plenty of DIY solutions and helpful products available that can help you keep your pool at the perfect temperature for less. 

3 Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm Year Round

Create a Barrier

Have some fun and get your hands dirty with a DIY project that will create a natural wind-blocking barrier for your pool. Planting new hedges or fencing can give your outdoor space a beautiful new look while keeping harsh winds at bay during cooler months. Animals and small children will also be less likely to enter the pool area unsupervised if a proper pool barrier has been put in place.

Keep it Covered

The quickest and easiest way to trap heart in your pools water is with the help of a protective cover. Pool covers work to not only keep your swimming water warmer but they can help to keep dirt, bugs, leaves and other debris out of the pool as well. From vinyl to solar cover options, there is plenty of choice available when it comes to keeping your pool protected and warmer with a handy and convenient cover.

Invest in Proper Heating

Keep your pool at summer-like temperatures year round with the help of a high quality heating system. You'll never have to worry about draining and covering your pool for the winter when you employ the help of a proper heating system. Whether you choose to go with gas or electric heating, there are now plenty of options available on the market that can easily fit into any budget.

Have Fun in Your Pool, No Matter the Season

Swimming pool repair and maintenance is just another part of being a proactive homeowner. Don't let the cold water blues get you down this year. Instead, keep your energy costs down and keep your pool open all year long by following these easy DIY tips. And remember to enlist the help of your local swimming pool repair and maintenance technician like one from Guaranteed Pool Service & Repair to complete any tasks that may feel out of your area of DIY expertise.