3 Ways To Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

Having the luxury of swimming in your own private swimming pool is appealing, but some home owners find themselves concerned with the energy consumption and environmental impact a swimming pool can have. If you are interested in living a green lifestyle, you don't have to give up your dream of having a private swimming pool.

Here are three things you can do during the planning phase to ensure your finished pool is more eco-friendly.

1. Include a cover in your swimming pool design.

Something as simple as covering your swimming pool when it's not in use can have a significant impact on allowing your pool to be more eco-friendly. Statistics show that an uncovered pool will lose about one-quarter inch of water in a single day due to evaporation.

When water evaporates out of your swimming pool, you will have to replenish it by adding more water. By making the choice to include a cover in your swimming pool design, you will be doing your part to conserve water.

2. Be sure your pool's design features a solar heater.

No one wants to jump into a pool filled with icy water, so most home owners opt to include a heater when installing a swimming pool. These heaters require electricity to run, which makes a pool less environmentally friendly. If you want to have your heated pool water and reduce your environmental impact, you should include a solar heater in your pool's design.

A solar heater will allow you to capture the energy in the sun's rays to transfer heat to the water in your swimming pool. Since solar energy is considered a renewable resource, having a solar heater makes your pool more eco-friendly.

3. Include an ultraviolet treatment system in your pool's design.

No one wants to swim in unsanitary water, and home owners have traditionally used chemicals like chlorine to help ensure their swimming pool's water stayed healthy. But if you are interested in reducing your environmental impact, you may be concerned about adding chemicals to your landscape.

By opting to include an ultraviolet treatment system in your pool's design, you can reduce the amount of chlorine and other chemicals used in your pool. The UV rays in an ultraviolet treatment system deactivate bacteria and algae naturally, keeping your pool water fresher with fewer chemicals.

Constructing an eco-friendly pool isn't impossible. By including a cover, solar heater, and ultraviolet treatment system in your pool's design, you can construct a private swimming pool that will have minimal impact on the environment. Just communicate your desire to include these in your design to your pool builders during the planning phase.