2 Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

If you have an older swimming pool, you may believe that since there are no detectable leaks, the condition of the pool itself is still good. However, there may be damage that is slowly being done to the surface, which could eventually lead to holes and water leakage. Below are a couple of signs that your pool needs resurfacing.

1.  Texture of the Surface Is Rough

One sign that your pool's surface is deteriorating and should be resurfaced is discernible by feeling the texture. You can either run your hands along the sides of the pool, or you can walk in the water while dragging your feet to see how the texture feels.

Ideally, the texture of the pool's surface should be relatively smooth, and if you have tiles, you should only be able to feel the grout lines. However, if the surface has a rough texture, this is a sign that the tiling or plaster has begun to deteriorate.

Because the pool's surface is in constant contact with the chemicals you use to clean and balance your pool's water, these chemicals eventually start to erode the surface. If you do not have the pool resurfaced, the erosion may wear through the entire thickness, resulting in a leak.

2.  Surface Starts Cracking or Flaking

While you are testing the texture of your pool's surface, another sign you should be on the lookout for is any cracking or flaking of the material. When you barely touch the surface, you may find that pieces of it break off and float in the water. Or, you may feel tiny cracks on the surface.

If the surface is flaking, the exposure to the chemicals has already taken its toll on the material, and deterioration is happening rapidly. Because the top layer of the surface is breaking away, the pressure of the water can then lead to cracking.

While a couple of flakes or cracks may not seem concerning, it is only a matter of time before the problem is widespread. It is better to look into resurfacing the pool before this happens to keep the pool from developing leaks.

If your pool's surface is showing either or both of the signs above, the deterioration could eventually lead to serious leaks. Before this happens, contact a contractor who offers pool resurfacing services to have them inspect the condition of your pool and offer suggestions for repairing the damage and smoothing out the surface of your home's swimming pool.