Winter Hot Tub Problems That Need Repairs If You Want To Continue Relaxing In The Cold

If you want to enjoy a relaxing dip in your spa this winter, you need to keep up with maintenance and repairs. There are unique problems with hot tubs that you may have to deal with when it is cold outside. The following winter hot tub problems may need to be repaired while it is cold outside:

Issues With Electrical Connections

Issues with electrical wiring and components are common with hot tubs during the winter months. These problems can be due to short circuits and other electrical issues. Problems with electrical wiring that you need to deal with include:

  • Tripped safety relays
  • Damaged wiring and connections
  • Water and ice causing short circuits

The problems with spa electrical wiring can happen at any time of the year. Do regular inspections of your equipment and the wiring to catch these problems before they damage components.

Problems With Water Jets

The water jets can be another issue that you have to deal with during winter weather. The spa jets could be closed, or there may be other problems causing them to not work. Issues with the hot tub jets that you need to look for include:

  • Blocked filters restricting the flow
  • Jets being partially closed
  • Problems with ice inside plumbing

The jets will perform better in winter weather if you make sure they are fully open.

Issues With Water Circulation 

Water circulation is important for spa jets to work and to prevent problems during winter weather. Therefore, you want to make sure that the water is circulating through the hot tub as it should. Spa water circulation problems that you may have to deal with include:

  • Problems with ice buildup reducing water circulation
  • Dirty filters that need to be cleaned
  • Problems with the pump that require repairs

The spa needs to have the filter changed frequently and treatments added to the water. Make sure that this maintenance is not neglected during the winter months.

Issues With Freezing In Cold Temperatures

During the cold weather, problems with freezing can damage spa components. You want to prevent these problems if you are still using your spa. Some things that can be done to prevent freezing include:

  • Using a winter spa treatment to prevent freezing
  • Running the pump during the coldest hours to keep water circulating
  • Using insulated hot tub skirt panels to protect equipment

If you are not using the hot tub for a long time, consider draining it while the equipment is not being used. This will prevent many of the problems with freezing and ice that can cause damage.

The problems with your hot tub need to be repaired before cold weather causes them to get worse. Contact a hot tub repair service for more information.