Top Tips For Keeping Pool Water Warmer

As a homeowner it is hard to keep your pool cranked up to the highest temperature setting all year long, unless you're living on the budget of a Hollywood star. And while keeping your pool on a higher temperature setting isn't the most economic choice to make, no one wants to face a cold, uninviting pool when they feel like taking a dip. Luckily, there are plenty of DIY solutions and helpful products available that can help you keep your pool at the perfect temperature for less.

How To Maintain Spa Water

In order to protect the health of all individuals using your spa, you should take the time to maintain the spa water on a regular basis. Not only is it important to maintain spa water to preserve health, but it is also important in order to keep the spa in good condition. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain the spa water. Use Sanitizers One way you can maintain spa water is by using sanitizers on a regular basis.

Taking The Plunge: Tips For Buying A Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a great way to enjoy the fun and sun all in the privacy of your own backyard. Many homeowners prefer to have a pool on their property so they can have a place to exercise, socialize, and relax. Before you decide to purchase a pool, read the following tips to help you ensure you're getting the most for your money and that you will find a pool that the whole family can enjoy.

Tips for Landlords: Rentals with Pools

Whether you own a single family home or a multi-unit complex with a pool, renting out the property comes with its own set of challenges once water is involved. Although a pool can increase the value of the property, allowing you to collect larger rents, it also means you are responsible for both the maintenance of the pool and the safety of your tenants. Liability Concerns Liability in a rental home or apartment due to a pool varies greatly depending on your municipality and state.